Dark Sun RQ6

[E05] Broken Bindings
The party must decide on their new destination after slaying their master.

12th of Fifthover
Year of Priest’s Defiance

Mid day — 125 F, clear

  • The PCs stand over Babafemi’s corpse after Katellia slew him with the bone sword she acquired
  • Rourk soon thereafter regains consciousness after being knocked out by Senica; he appears quite unperturbed
  • When approached by Senica, Rourk demands to know what happened, though it becomes obvious that Babafemi was killed in revolt. Rourk is spared by the group after he expresses his disregard for Baba
  • Jabari makes a pity plea with the group to keep him around; he tells the party of a nearby dwarven village, and describes the “bloodthirsty” Crimson Riders whom Baba sent his mute Kes’trekel for that morning
  • De’nak reveals to Katellia that he is familiar with the contraband trails in Raam, presumably as a bargaining tool
  • Checking the third wagon reveals [[:sarrat-at’huulud]], a naive primitive elf from the Ivory Triangle. He is left inside the wagon with two dying slaves
  • Senica and Katellia examine the interior of the coach wagon, finding dehydrated meats, antitoxin paste, and accessories for Baba’s Kes’trekel, including its wooden cage and feed. Katellia conceals a sizable pouch holding an unknown amount of money while the rest of the group is preoccupied
  • Pak’cha tends to the kanks and harvests the honey globules from them, which adds considerable amounts of fluids and nutrition to the party’s destitute supply. Pak’cha also creates a Chak’cha from dasl (venomous saliva and sand). He needs weaponry to hunt, but presumes the group would not grant him weapons since they have not recognized him as a clutchmate yet.
  • Sarrat eventually leaves the wagon, and moves to examine De’nak, who is still suffering from a festering cut tendon. Sarrat exhorts Shairikeen, his tribe’s ‘god’. The primordial’s channeling heals De’nak’s wound, leaving scarred flesh
  • De’nak exits on his own, and confronts the other party members, who then question how he is able to walk again. De’nak reveals that it was Sarrat’s handywork
  • The rest of the party confronts Sarrat, threatening him for using magic (they assume he has invoked defiling magic to unnaturally heal De’nak’s serious wound). A scuffle ensues, involving Katellia holding Sarrat at bladepoint, Sarrat being tripped by Katellia after invoking another exhortation, and Rourk attempting to manhandle Sarrat (which fails as Sarrat kicks him in the groin while prone)
  • Sarrat seems to not understand the gravity of using his powers around civilized folk, and an awkward exchange of cultural expectations then follows as Katellia must explain why Sarrat’s use of primordial magic startled the rest of the group
  • Sarrat explains his background story leading up to being captured, though he still does not seem to understand ownership or slavery. He describes a horrible object that “destroyed” his tribal shrines and caused strife among his people. He wishes to find the thing and have Ty-h’kadi, another primordial who can destroy the object — no other solution seems available to rid the world of the thing
  • Katellia allows Sarrat to join them on their way to Urik, proposing that the object Sarrat seeks is likely to be in the grip of civilization, granted its terrible power
The "Prologue" sessions log
Recap from the first three sessions, directly from my Zim wiki logs

Created Thursday 14 August 2014

Priest’s Defiance


  • 10th
    * Players meet Babafemi (PCs already knew them for a couple days out of Raam) and Rourk
    * Andrew’s thri-kreen is kept in a separate wagon, the other three PCs are manacled with leather straps and giant’s hair
    * They travel a few hours from {84-28} to Pulk, where they stay a night
    * Rourk allows them to enter the Widdler’s Den while Baba is away, but they are forced to stay by a wall, where Baba’s mercenaries watch over them
    * Andrew’s character is shown to a newly met associate of Baba, —perhaps an agent of House Dyaxius— who expresses that the thri-kreen would bring a heavy draw to the pit fight. Baba agrees to allow his thri-kreen to fight
    * Meanwhile, a drunken patron hits on Scott’s character; she attempts to use her inborn psionic attraction power to persuade the man to fall in lust so that he could manipulate the man into freeing her, but the interaction is broken by a mercenary standing watch
    * The festivities in the Widdler’s Den are broken by Babafemi, who enters the small tavern with displeasure in seeing Rourk has taken his duty lightly by drinking on the job
    * Baba orders for the gathering of the slaves, so they may practice for the next day’s blood sports in Pulk’s pit
    * Rourk goes through a training exercise (this was half-heartedly executed in play) with the PCs, after which, they rest in their holding wagons

* PCs awaken after dawn and are given little nourishment before being ushered to the pits
* Released from captivity are four elves, all of whom appear weakened or ill, forced into the pit to fight the PCs
* The fight begins, with all eight thrown into the dirty pit
* The PCs defeat the elves one by one, slaying them with the crude weapons they are given
* The venue is excitable as the PCs leave, with special precautions being made to secure Andrew’s character
* The party leaves for Urik
* Katellia uses attraction to force a Raamite mercenary to bring her, Senica, and Azazel sufficient water
* A dark-skinned elf is thrown into Katellia, Azazel, and Senica’s cart. Azazel probes his mind to reveal he is a Night Runner elf, captured and sold into slavery.
* The elf is De’nak, a former spy. De’nak’s hamstring is cut so he cannot run. The group attemopts to patch it up.
* De’nak and Katellia discuss escape and working together.
* The company is waylaid by a raiding band of gith, but the gith as overwhelmed. Two Sharrah mercs die, however.
* Rourk persuades Pak’cha to submit and put back in his slave cart
* Katellia — during the raid — takes the obsidian spear head that was thrust into the wagon by one of the creatures. She cuts her bonds and Senica’s bonds.
* Babafemi stops the company at dark to set up a camp near the road. The group is passed by road merchants, who Babafemi does business with. The merchants sell Baba water, which he gives to the mercenaries and holds from the slaves

* Kat and Sen awaken to the sounds of coughing in the night. Kat sees it is a Sharrah mercenary who is coughing.
* After sunrise, the PCs awaken to the sounds of nearby conversation near the parked wagons
* The mercenaries are sick, and pleading for food and water
* Kat overhears Babafemi say the mercenaries are ill and he will send for “Kalihana Cloudslaughter”.
* A large bird is heard taking flight shortly after Baba and Rourk speak


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