Baba's muscle and mentor of grisly fighting techniques



An aging half-giant, Rourk was formerly a competitor in many gladiatorial games across the Tablelands (primarily Tyr). Before fighting as a gladiator, he was “practically enslaved” by a noble of Tyr. The noble was said to be assassinated by Templars before King Kalak was slain. Rourk left Tyr as a freeman, using his skills to compete for money. He would soon give up fighting and instead offer his knowledge of gladiatorial combat to others, eventually teaching scores of fighters.

Rourk does not appear to be very bright (as most half-giants go), but he does seem to have a passion for fighting. His erratic personality sometimes leads him to shirk his duties, and other times to pursue them ruthlessly.


Rourk is of typical half-giant stock. He wears his hair long but often uses it to seam armor pieces together, so it is uneven in places. He constantly scowls, but does not seem to be conscious of this expression. He dons inix hide armor, but appears to dislike wearing helms.

Rourk carried a large stone mace, but the mace was obtained by Senica after she subdued the half-giant with one of his own training staves.

Baba’s Bodyguard

Rourk served Babafemi for an unspecified period of time as personal bodyguard and fighting instructor. It isn’t known how much he was paid to train the PCs as Baba’s gladiators. While answering to Baba, Rourk was a lackluster overseer who treated the job with wavering interest.

After Baba’s Death

Rourk didn’t seem to lament the murder of Babafemi, citing Baba’s early death outside of city walls as something he expected to happen. Rourk showed no ill will toward the PCs after they revolted, but did seem to admire his own job at instructing them to be competent fighters. He remains in the presence of the PCs as they take their seized caravan to Urik.


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