Jabari Sharrah

Disabled Raamite mercenary captain



Jabari is a Raamite freeman who once served under Sorcerer-queen Abalach-Re. He was relieved of his services when he fell from a rooftop in an attempt to stop a thief. His left leg was broken in the fall, which to this day has never fully recovered. His injury seems to slow him down, so he often rides his crodlu.


Jabari is a squirrely man with hollow features and a wiry mustache, longer than the typical style of Raamites. He wears tanned leather armor. His desert cloak is embroidered with his company’s sigil: a vase containing three outstretched spearheads.

Services under Babafemi

Babafemi hired Jabari and his men to escort his four-wagon caravan of slaves from Raam to Urik. After Baba bought De’nak in Pulk, Jabari cut his hamstring, rendering him unable to run, and in lingering pain.

The trip turned into disaster days out of Raam after Jabari’s company drank cursed water sold to the group by wayfaring merchants. After Baba was slain by Katellia, Jabari’s men all perished and they subsequently rose as restless dead to ravage the remaining members of the trek. Jabari was assumed to have had his own water supply, and thus did not drink the tainted water.

Current Allegiance to the Party

Jabari quickly assured the PCs that he was no threat to them after they banded together and killed Babafemi. Expressing a desire to survive, he said he would help the ex-slave PCs until they reached civilization. Begrudgingly, the PCs accepted Jabari’s plea and did not harm him. Jabari expressed interest in returning to Raam to become a reserve soldier.

Jabari Sharrah

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