A Night Runner elf of the Dark Moon clan, captured by slavers



A mercenary and spy from the Dark Moon clan of the Night Runner elf tribe. De’nak says he has worked for House M’ke of Raam to pinpoint contraband trails throughout the region.

De’nak was recently waylaid by a band of slavers who captured him and sold him to the pitmaster of Pulk. The pitmaster then sold De’nak to Babafemi after Baba’s slaves defeated the pit’s gladiators. Jabari crippled De’nak so that he could not run, though it is not entirely clear how De’nak was to fight for Babafemi following the injury (assuming that is why Baba purchased him from the pitmaster). His festering sliced tendon was healed miraculously by Sarraat with primordial’s magic.

De’nak mentioned that his telepathic associate, Soroule, evaded capture and is somewhere in the region — perhaps looking for De’nak.


A muscular but lithe elf, De’nak is of a dusky complexion (like many Night Runners). His hair is peppery, showing his age. His erdlu leather armour is dyed a dark mauve color.

De’nak has displayed a slightly acidic personality.


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