A failed merchant from Raam, with ambitions to become a famous lanista



Babafemi was a cruel merchant from Raam. A failed owner of a pottery emporium, Baba sold the shop and cut his losses. A large portion of his remaining wealth was used to buy slaves fit for fighting in gladiatorial matches.

Babafemi was a low-ranking merchant of House M’ke. He made multiple attempts to become more than a two bit salesman of less-than-reputable goods, but could not achieve this goal. He was shallow, ruthless, but ultimately timid and weak-willed. He was most apt at deceit and abusing those that he could.

Babafemi embodied the attitude of Raam’s nobility, even if he was not a noble himself. He was be quick to remind those beneath him of their unworthiness, and did not value a slave’s life once that slave has been used up.


A paunch of a man, Babafemi was indulgence manifest. Every bit of him was plump from the love of sweetmeats. His black hair was greasy and sopping from a wet head-cap, which he refreshed with drinking water frequently to keep cool. He wore dyed desert robes of lavender hue.


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