Nine city-states cling to life in the Tablelands. These cities are ruled by powerful Sorcerer-Kings, both cruel tyrants and unyielding protectors. The Sorcerer-kings have held power for many ages, and many of the people of the city-states know not of a time when their Kings weren’t in power. However, with King Kalak of Tyr recently slain by a group of conspirators, revolution in other city-states now seems possible. The city-states are harsh settlements where templars can punish, imprison, and execute nearly anyone on a whim. The outstretched dunes, barren badlands, and crawling wastes outside of these city-states are populated with dangerous monsters and are riddled with the ruins of cities long dead.

It is a world where magic drains the very essence of life. A dying crimson sun smolders ominously in the olive sky. Ancient wars have left vast swaths of the planet sterile and desolate. Even now, druids fight a losing battle to preserve the environment. To practice magic is to tempt death at the hands of the mob, yet the cities themselves are ruled by the most powerful of defilers.

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